A night at the theatre


I was just looking through the programme that the Gaiety theatre have put out for this year and there are a few great shows that have rally grabbed my attention - from the outrageously in-your-face humour of 'The Producers' from 24th to 27th January, to the old classic 'Private Lives' by Noel Coward which has been a hit around the country since the 1930s, and is being staged at the Gaiety  from 15th -17th February.

This prompted me to think about how long it was since I was last at the theatre in Ayr and it was three or four years ago now, when Pasha Kovalev from Strictly Come Dancing visited the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr with his dance show. It was packed to the rafters - mainly with women it has to be said, with every seat in the house sold out and it was a great show and a great night. Another really good show which we saw around that time at the Gaiety theatre was about the life of Edith Piaf. I still get goose-bumps when I hear a piece of her music on the radio since we saw that. That is the power of live theatre.

So when was the last time you went to the theatre to see a live show? In this age of being able to watch almost anything you fancy on your TV, tablet or other device at the click of a button, I think, like many others, I spend more and more time in front of a screen, and I had forgotten just how good a live show really is - nothing can come close to the atmosphere at a really good live show or production.

With lots of music events, dance events, serious plays and comedy acts there is a lot of choice out there. 

Click on our events page to get up to date information on all the shows coming up at the Gaiety Theatre as well as other events in and around Ayr.


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